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Public Workshop 2

The 2nd public workshop on the Offutt JLUS occurred on March 11, 2015.  The workshop was held from 7:00 - 9:00 PM at the Bellevue Volunteer Firefighters Hall, 2108 Franklin Street, Bellevue, Nebraska.

The 2nd public workshop provided a chance to review and comment on the compatibility issues that have been identified for evaluation as part of the JLUS and provide input on the prioritization of the issues identified. The issues that were presented were developed based on inputs from the Policy and Technical Advisory Committees (made up of representatives from the jurisdictions, agencies and organizations involved in this project) and public inputs provided at the first Public Workshop held on January 7, 2015.

Click here to download the Offutt AFB JLUS Strategy Tools Fact Sheet. This was distributed during the first public workshop.

Click here to download the presentation that was given at the second Offutt AFB JLUS Public Workshop. This is provided in Adobe PDF format.

Workshop Results

Click here to download the compatibility issues that were presented and the public input on priorities.

Workshop Maps

Click the following titles to view a PDF file of the maps presented at the workshop.  Each file may take a minute or two to show up (depending on  your connection speed.

Airspace Control

Part 77, Vertical Heights

Offutt AFB Imaginary Surfaces

Accident Potential Zones

Bird Aircraft Strike Hazards

Offutt AFB 1995 Noise Contours

Offutt AFB Flight Routes (region)

Offutt AFB Flight Routes (close in)







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